Lapindo disaster Become the World's attention - Lapindo mud into the worst disaster this century

All Indonesia know!!! Does mud disaster in Sidoarjo or Lapindo mud that started last May 29, 2006 and still continues to this day the people of Indonesia is an issue or problem the world? The question was raised on the discussion entitled "Living With The Earth" on Saturday last weekend at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, Australia. Discussion related to the premiere of a documentary film titled Mud Max: Investigative Documentary Sidoarjo Mud Volcano Disaster.

Many parties in the country believed that the Sidoarjo mud disaster is an event or error arising from the drilling procedure is carried out by PT Lapindo Brantas. However, today no less is what convinced that disaster was a natural disaster may not be circumvented.

However, from discussions held by Immodicus, documentary film maker Max Mud, which presents the geological experts from the University of the University of Arizona, United States, namely, Professor Jonathan Fink, Professor Amanda Clarke and Prof. Phd Hilairy Harrtnett, and researcher Dr. Adriano Mazzini from the University of Oslo, and Professor Ross Griffiths, Head of Research of Geophysics and Earth Sciences Australian National University, there is a conclusion, do not need to find who is to blame in the event that nature. What is needed is how the Indonesian people can live together with the mud disaster.

Natural phenomena

Consulate General of Indonesia in Sydney Sudaryomo Hartosudarmo also said, let the controversy over the cause of the disaster continue to happen. All it takes is how the experts from all over the world can learn more about natural phenomena that have been devastating life memorakporandakan more than 100,000 people in East Java.

Amanda Prof Clarke said the Sidoarjo mud disaster will occur with or without the fault of the PT Lapindo Brantas. It strengthens the statement of Prof. Jonathan Fink previously that the material was mud under the earth is stored in hundreds of years and always come out sooner or later with an event that will be the trigger.

"Mud was sprayed because of the trigger. We believe, the trigger associated with the Yogya earthquake that occurred two days before the mud was sprayed. In my opinion, this is not necessary when we find who is guilty of mud. What is needed now is to let us learn about the mud Sidoarjo. Studying the natural phenomenon that will surely teach us how to manage living with the disaster. By studying the Sidoarjo mud, much to be learned. What is certain is that natural disasters can bring Indonesia with students from around the world who want to know intimately. Not not be possible cooperation between American and Indonesian experts to educate American students who want to learn about the volcanic mud, "said Amanda, who is a researcher of natural phenomena associated with explosive volcanic eruptions.

Adriano Mazzini added, Yogya earthquake triggering magmatic activity at the location of Java Island. The earthquake was even revive Semeru volcano activity. From some research, phenomena such as volcanic mud in Sidoarjo was not the first time this has happened in East Java.

"The earthquake led to the reaction of magmatic activity. We believe, there is a connection by an earthquake in Yogyakarta and Mount Semeru Lumpur Sidoarjo. This is somewhat difficult to understand by the common people. However, from a geologist's view, it is very possible. It is necessary that more research in and longer to find the cause of the incident, "said Adriano, who has four times visited Indonesia to investigate the Sidoarjo mud.

According to Professor Ross Griffiths, from the other side, Sidoarjo mud event is a great gift for the advancement of science in the future. Genesis Sidoarjo, which has lasted nearly four years, a phenomenon that is rare.

"Sidoarjo mud was a challenge for us who dwell on the science of geology to study it. During this more geologists study volcanic phenomena of the volcano, while also lupur Sidoarjo volcanic material, but that is not associated with volcanoes. It's very interesting to study," Ross said.

Treat nature with both

From the documentary film of mud in Sidoarjo, one visitor Akhmetteeh Djamirze Victor, an expert on technology from Kavkaz, Russia, admitted amazed by the natural phenomenon that is extraordinary, as happened in Sidoarjo. Viktor said, it was the show, people should treat nature well and never hurt.

"My grandmother advised that treat nature well. He said, treating nature as a woman who wants you to choose a wife. You have to keep it from toe to tip of hair. We also have to keep it well so that he can give a good thing for us in this life. To exploit nature required the same treatment, treat with a soft and affection, "said Viktor.

Chris Fong, Executive Producer Max Mud film, said, his presence in Sidoarjo originally was not intended specifically for documentary filmmaking. At that, in 2007, Chris worked at the request of foreign banking companies that want to know the overall condition of the Sidoarjo disaster.

"Even if today had been born a documentary Mud Max, this is more a work of natural events to be seen by all people from all over the world to be able to see the natural phenomenon in Indonesia. But behind all this, we do not deny there is any commercial purposes . Some have expressed interest in broadcasting to buy this movie. We've even been associated with the National Geografic for this movie sales process, "said Chris.