Iraqi Forces Attack Terrorist Group, 8 Civilians Killed

Basra - Iraqi security forces supported by U.S. forces on Friday attacked a group of people called the Iranian support for terrorist groups,
killed at least five people.
Some Iraqi provincial officials said many of those who died were innocent citizens. They say at least eight people have been killed.

While overall violence in Iraq decreased the last two years, attacks and battles are still common parliamentary elections next March 7 and the U.S. plan is ready to stop the withdrawal of combat operations before the end of the shoot 2011.Adu by suspected members of the group Kata'ib Hezbollah, the group U.S. State Department deemed to have relationship with the Lebanese Hezbollah movement, occurred 265 km southeast of Baghdad, in a village near the Iranian border. Twelve people have been arrested.

Maysan provincial governor, Mohammed al Sudany Shia told state television that eight people had been killed, one injured and 12 people arrested in a village 75 Km north of the provincial capital, "What happened this morning was overkill in every sense. Eight people have been killed, most of them not guilty, "said Sudany.

Council has asked the provincial financial compensation for the families of the victims, that all people arrested would be released and a letter of apology, jelasnya.Sumber-hospital source in Amara said those killed included a woman. A Reuters photographer who arrived after the shooting saw blood splattered on the ground and bullet holes in the wall.U.S. military intelligence source added that Iraq and the U.S. has seen increased recent arms smuggling by Iranian-backed militias like Hizballah Kata'ib. They did not provide further information..