Hobby Record That Took to Prison

JAKARTA,Action Sigid Haryo Wibisono who recorded his conversation with a question Antasari Azhar and the peculiarities of the legal advisory team camp Antasari Azhar. Moreover, both known to have known each other close. But the question and the strangeness of it is not for large families Sigid Haryo Wibisono and PT Press Freedom.

"He's always recording whatever is considered important. Record every conversation and activity. So do not be surprised if he's recording with Antasari , even though they knew each other close," said cousin Sigid, Edy Junaedi, in Jakarta. The habit of recording was made Sigid never participate in any meeting held in his office. "He recorded it all. The next day he saw and listened to the recordings continued his stay for the disposition," said Edy. However, eventually the habit Sigid record that brought him four children were dragged into the hotel convict without cost. Recording with the familiar Antasari about seven years as evidence for investigators and public prosecutors to link the plan to assassinate Sigid Nasrudin, although talks with Nasrudin related Antasari only lasted seven minutes from about 30 minutes of tape. "Yes he just said his name is definitely not, though he intended to help a friend. Why do not believe the friend," said Edy Sigid mimicking words.

Coffee lovers and Heavy Smokers

In addition to recording hobby, two other Sigid habits that dominated the life of man is drinking coffee and smoking. Sigid always looks relaxed lit a cigarette and suck in every opportunity agenda trial. "In the office, everyone was free to smoke. The stress they are not smoking. Then again a lot of problems he is usually more intense smoke," the story of Edy. Sigid also very fond of soup. That's according to the place where he was born and raised, Solo. "When we visited most often so he's demanding soup," said Edy.