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Talk Soto ....?

you know what kind of soup?

is a simple food, interesting and rich flavor and distinctive.

soto's food with a unique sauce with yellow from turmeric (a spice Java) based fresh chicken, with spices, such as onions, celery, suun noodles, cabbage and fresh chili sauce ...

Chickens that have been processed with various spices and cooked through; a fairly elaborate very popular and most sought after .....

in Lamongan (Indonesia, East Java)

Food has become a popular soup and so many fans and demand,,,

tidakhanya was already famous soto lamongan anywhere throughout Indonesia even acknowledge the pleasures of food on this one ....

chicken soup is not only the title on this page, soto lamongan include clear soup of chicken soup, chicken broth soup cloudy, and the soto scribble
(Chicken feet) is essentially the same except for the difference is clear broth soup is usually put on chicken, because it is more delicious and much sought for people with high cholesterol because they believe chickens are better used for health, but not that kind of soup broth is not turbid delicious, actually the same ... This soup broth contains more spices and usually do not use the epilepsy ward but hard to use chicken meat or chicken pieces, demand is not inferior to any other kind of soup, while the soup is the soup which the claws are lauknya scribble .... um .... very tasty and Good luck .....

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