Elementary school kid could make Nokia

current globalization era everything is progressing in all areas, for that we should not be left to fill in the information memory of our brains with knowledge and experience in accordance with the needs and demands of globalization, in Indonesia A 11-year-olds managed to create educational applications that run on mobile phones . Although under the direction of a developer, but the kid is starting his own intelligent things from scratch.

Rosmansyah Waluya Fahma currently sitting in 6th grade elementary Scholar Bandung able to do a project application for the Nokia.Educational application for learning colors, letters and numbers are done within 6 months."I started working on this application creation hobby since July 2009, completed late last year," said Fahma in Bandung.

Applications that run on Java is taught by a teacher during the 1-year course.We have been trying to improve Fahma application performance by using C + + and 3DSMax."I've made a ball, UFOs and a pistol with 3DSMax. I wanted to make a 3-dimensional games, such as Counter-Strike, but shoot the letters are not human," added Fahma.

These applications will be published in Ovi-Store Nokia.Fahma the initial draft of this application, with Flash, obsessed designing applications for computers and mobile phones.

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