9-year-olds Microsoft to be an engineer?

Macedonia, which hopes turn into the central area of the current technology is very proud, chapters nine-year-old boy Marko Calasan, a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer youngest in the world.

The problem is the absence of a serious response and support from the government, Marko did not see any good future in the Balkan region which declared independence in 1992 from Yugoslavia.
"I want to stay here, but here less resources. I want to go to the United States, a place where I will get the technical materials needed. I can not prosper here. I want to stay here, but can not , "said Calasan as quoted from Reuters
At the age of six years, Marko got his first recognition of the administrative system from Microsoft. He became a celebrity in the Balkans throughout the region in December when he received a certification engineer his system, which is difficult to obtain a degree even by a skilled computer engineer.
With great talent he was blessed with special rights, Macedonia government was not allowed to come to school regularly.

"I like to go to school, but I can not go every day. Too easy lesson, but I get new things in there," said Marko, who speaks fluent English.
He also worked as an administrative control system in a non-profit organization that helps people with disabilities. Marko now has a new project to teach people about computer knowledge in English using video streaming.

Among the processing time for computer systems and also to share knowledge, Marko looks like the other kids in general who like to play ball with friends, roller skating, and also eliminate the stereotype of a nerd. He considers the computer game is a waste of time than the time "playing outside".

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