Taxi Driver Special Committee Search 200 Recipients Mliliar

 Chairman of the Committee Questionnaire Century Bank Case said Idrus Marham, in charge of the investigation team in Jakarta will trace the taxi driver being citizens Ciputat, South Tangerang, who allegedly received funds flow Century Bank of Rp200 billion. "Based on Questionnaire Committee notes, the recipient of funds of around Rp 200 billion from the Bank Century addresses in Ciputat and worked as a taxi driver," said Idrus Marham, in the House of Representatives, Jakarta, Thursday.

He said, scanning the existence of a taxi driver to be part of the investigation team duties Questionnaire Committee who served in Jakarta and surrounding areas. According to him, the Committee Questionnaire investigation team will visit Tangerang on Saturday (13 / 2) two days after the previous visit and the Bank Indonesia Bank of Pearl on Friday (12 / 2) tomorrow. "We will find the address at Century Bank customers who received the shipment Ciputat a very big money," said Idrus.

He said that, if met with the team's driver Questionnaire Committee will ask for information about the funds received. Based on facts obtained from the Questionnaire Committee witnesses, he said, obtained a large depositor information on Century Bank fragmented into many accounts, each account contains Rp2 billion by way of falsifying the identity of the customer, to obtain the guarantee fund.

It is said Idrus, another agenda that will do the investigation team in charge of the Committee Questionnaire in Jakarta which is a reconstruction of important meetings before making the decision to give short-term financing facility (FPJP) to the Century Bank on 14 November 2008. Questionnaire Committee Team will also perform the reconstruction Meeting of the Board of Governors of Bank Indonesia (RDG) on 20 November 2008 before the establishment of Century Bank as the bank failed to affect systemic.

"We hope there is an explanation about the chronology of important meetings," said Idrus defined as koordintaor Committee Questionnaire Investigation Team in Jakarta. Previously, information about Century Bank customers in Ciputat who received 200 billion cash flow is revealed when the Committee Questionnaire asked for information on former Chief of Police Criminal Investigation Body Komjen Pol Susno Duadji Questionnaire Committee meeting in the House of Representatives January 20 last.

In addition to funding recipients in Ciputat Century Bank, Questionnaire Committee investigation team will also conduct a search of the mysterious recipient in four other cities of Medan, Surabaya, Denpasar, and Makasasar.

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