Proximity Jennifer Dunn With Her lawyer ....!!!!!

Closeness between Jenifer Dunn television movie stars and young lawyers who accompanied him, Sunan Kalijaga, SH, the more it shows a bright spot. Both of them dared to spit romance before the trial took place in the District Court (PN) West Jakarta.

Jenifer Dunn and Sunan, who was married and had two children, kissed her lips look when Sunan toward the middle Jenifer behind bars, before the trial began.In response, Jenifer admitted what he is doing it is something natural. "I think the kiss was reasonable, if more to do," I'm Jenifer after the trial in District Court Jakbar.

Strictly speaking, he also admitted that he was Terpanah Asmara Sunan. According to him, the figure of the wise Sunan has made his heart melted. "He was wise, he's the same concern me. He's really full attention and support to me, finally I feel love with him," said Jenifer.Sunan capacity related to a legal representative in cases of alleged possession of seven ecstasy pills, JeJe (friendly greeting Jenifer) claimed not to think about costs that must be paid for services Sunan. "I paid with love alone," lid Jenifer.

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